Worse things happen at Sea  Tales of life, love, family and the everyday beauty in between

 by William McInnes and Sarah Watt

Published by Hachette Australia, 2011

Through William and Sarah’s voices, the reader is taken on an insightful, personal journey into their family life and relationship. The refreshingly candid observations and recollections are detailed in a unique way to which the majority of suburban Australians, will relate. William’s voice is lively, his short colourful chapters burst from the page in yarn style.  Despite his narrative bouncing often in a seemingly dis-jointed fashion, you are drawn to each chapter’s conclusion, if only to make sense of his initial ramblings.  There is no continuity to the order of the chapters, yet clever use of character development and the underlying theme of family strength, takes you back and forth, as their time line jumps throughout the book.

Sarah’s voice is soft, feminine and sometimes sombre in contrast to William’s rugged, impatient and witty tone.   In her chapter titled Three Babies: Cosmo, Sarah’s journey captivates the reader, by sincerely depicting in words the joy, love, heartache and pain, only a mother who has given birth to a stillborn child could describe. I felt like I was secretly reading the pages of her personal diary, so candid were Sarah’s revelations.

William provides the humorous light, through his keen observations, humanity and quirky descriptions, making the sameness of life in suburbia, a unique collection of special memories.   Definitely a book,  for the Aussie non-fiction reader.

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