About Jennifer Johnston

I’m a freelance writer living in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. Apart from a few years living overseas, I’ve called Brisbane home.

So why do I write?

Because I’m passionate about it. Nothing gives me more joy than sitting down with pen and paper or in front of a computer capturing random thoughts, delving into research for a story, or creating copy for a brand. I’ve been following my writing passion for a few years, but I want to pursue my writing more seriously – which is why I created this website.

Where will writing take me? That I don’t know, but I am enjoying the journey.

My career background is in human resources. I helped ‘manage’ people. Before that, I managed an entirely different commodity – money – working in the banking industry. I blame that career choice on a few misguided years after leaving high school. I believed an economics degree was the best career path based on my liking and doing well in economics at high school! If I wrote a letter to my 18-year-old self it would suggest I forget economics and study Arts/Journalism. Hindsight is often easier after the event!

I am a firm believer in no regrets and things happen for a reason. Fast forward my life by 30 years, here I am pursuing my writing dreams.

Becoming a single mother while raising three boys signaled a time to change a number of things in my life. I returned to University enrolling in a Post-Graduate Certificate in Creative Industries (a bit of a mouthful) studying a few journalism and creative writing subjects. Since graduating, I’ve completed online courses with the Australian Writers’ Centre, including travel writing, copywriting, and feature writing for magazines and newspapers. I have two blogs. Travel Bug Within as the name suggests is where I share all things travel-related.  I shared random lifestyle stories on my very first WordPress website  JennJay Tales website which has been amalgamated into my writing website.

To add my stories to the already exploding literary universe and find readers who resonate with my words seems daunting at times. But all it takes is for one person to say, “I liked what you wrote” and I’m motivated to keep writing!

My writing is a work in progress, evolving with the passage of time. I use my inner voice to create my point of difference. And many of my creative stories reflect a connection with people.

I will consider any projects you may think my background and skills would suit. Please get in touch via email at Jennifer[at]jenniferjohnston[dot]com.au