Kenilworth Camping

I was approached by RV Daily to write a story on the controversy surrounding this dairy farm at Kenilworth, inland from the Sunshine Coast. The issue has arisen over farmer Shane Paulger running a supplementary camping business on his land, which according to Council is large scale and deemed by council in contravention of what the land is classified to be used for: farming. The council wants to impose regulations on the farmer for him to continue running the camping business. The backlash began over just how much he is earning from this “side business” and the permits he doesn’t have according to Council. There has been much discussion in the local area over what is going on – social media has stirred the issue.

The campers who visit the the Paulger family farm, discover a place picturesque in its rural setting, quiet, undeveloped and the ideal place for getting away from life in the fast lane.

It has been reported in the media as the small battling farmer ‘fighting’ the local council.

From my perspective – there is always two sides to the story.

Here’s the link to the extract from RV Daily issue 017 The truth about the council crackdown on Kenilworth Camping